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Mark Cuban’s 4 Winning Plays in Doing Business

You can’t miss Mark Cuban whenever you watch a Dallas Mavericks game. With a net worth of $2.5 billion (Forbes, 2010), it’s hard to believe that the vocal team owner was once jobless after college, got fired from his job,

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3 Steps to Take When You Dip into a Blue Ocean for Business

According to the London Business School, about 85% of new companies fold when they compete against large companies. While the figure may be disheartening, there are startup companies that thrive and even change the game. These companies do not compete

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Viral Marketing: 5 Tips to Make Your Content Irresistible

Admit it or not, you may be among the millions who watched Korean artist Psy’s Gangnam Style which has garnered a record-setting number of views on YouTube (over a billion). At its peak, you simply couldn’t get this song and

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3 Key Social Media Campaign Management Services

Running a social media campaign is never straightforward and easy. The seemingly mundane tasks of writing a blog, monitoring page views, social network posting, comment moderation, and responding to emails, can be tedious and time consuming. Experiencing stress (or boredom),

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4 Ways to Be Like Richard Branson – Brand Ambassador of His Own Business

Richard Branson, CEO of the Virgin Group of Companies, has been touted as the brand ambassador of his own business. In other words, he’s inseparable from the brand. Would you like to be the ambassador of your own brand? Would

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6 Steps to Start a Pay-Per-Click Campaign that Converts

As a form of advertising that promises to draw targeted traffic to your website, using Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is one strategy that is attractive to advertisers for as long as they can have the budget to pay for every click on

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4 Tips to New Product Launch Success

Companies are introducing new products and services every year as part of the innovation process. Launching new business can be a risky move. Even some of the world’s most well-loved companies have their own share of failed product lines. Remember

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5 Ways Twitter Helps Conquer the Internet Marketing Frontier

They say marketing on the Internet is a frontier—a Wild West of sorts where only the quick wouldn’t end up dead. Twitter, with its 500 million registered users as of 2012, has proven itself the ideal micro-blogging tool for marketing

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The Price of Loyalty: 6 Tips to Create Loyal Followers

In a highly-competitive business environment, keeping your long-time customers is more challenging than ever. Sometimes, one wrong move and they’re gone. It takes more than just a “thank you” note or reply to express your appreciation for their continued patronage.

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We talk a lot about marketing being a social game, but not everyone believes this or respects this. As a firm with extensive experience in the industry, we can tell you that there is much truth to that maxim. Marketing

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