“Over the past several years Stage2 Marketing has been a great asset to O’Donnell Law Offices in focusing and structuring our media plan. Stage2 is entirely accessible, open to discussion, and enthusiastically helpful. We look forward to continuing our business relationship with Stage2 into the future. Thanks so much for all that you do.”
Neil T. and Catherine R. O’Donnell, Esqs. – Founders
O’Donnell Law Offices 

“The marketing program provided by Stage2 was disciplined, cost effective, and provided impressive results over a sustained period of time.”
Guy Zehner – Vice President of Sales
Maines Paper & Food Service

“Stage2 presented us with the most methodical approach to marketing we have yet seen. They took our previously scattered efforts and created a unified, step-by-step marketing plan that focused on measurable and achievable goals. Each step was carefully designed to build on the previous effort and the results were outstanding. The people at Stage2 were true professionals and were a pleasure to work with throughout our campaign. For those reasons I can recommend Stage2 to any company looking to take their marketing to the next level.”
Amir Peleg Partner– Partner
Southern Real Estate 

“We experienced a 68% increase in referrals by physicians during the period of our promotion. The total rise in revenue during that time frame was equally significant. Stage2 shaped the marketing plan to my needs and my budget. The results far exceeded my expectations.”
Joe Janosky – Owner
Strides – 
Progressive Rehabilitation Center

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